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I am just curious. Are there any highschools in Miami, Florida that offers courses pretaining to culinary arts. I have wanted to become a chef ever since i started cooking with my mother I just love the idea that i am making something that everyone is going to enjoy. But the school that I am attending now does not have that as a career course. If anyone can give me information about my inquire then please post it as soon as possible. Nice meeting every one and yes I am a good cook. :confused: :bounce:
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Hello Stormynight and welcome to Chef talk.

You will need to contact the public schools of Dade County. I found this link to a pamphlet about a program:

That's a good place to start! Hop on over to the Culinary STudents' forum here at Chef Talk for more conversations and to meet others who are interested in culinary careers.

This part of Chef Talk, the Welcome Forum, is where we introduce ourselves. Please tell us a bit more about how you became interested in cooking. What have you learned to cook?

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