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This is an interesting document, as it explains how the device is positioned in its marketing.

Two things mentioned are the lean organization concept and "de-skilling" those cooking technques that normally require advanced skills. So I think it's partly a device that chefs can enjoy playing with, and also a process automator that low level staff can be trained to operate and produce consistent results.
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This business needs more skilled people, not less. And what chef has extra money to "play" with?
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Like the self driving car it tries to be a cooking robot. Might be some interest by fast food businesses looking to cut employees but no restaurant is going to want anything like that.
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Rational ovens are super expensive but there's a good reason for it! They're built to a high standard and do stuff that other ovens cannot.

I definitely agree that they 'make lower-paid staff capable of turning out portions of the chef's creations without knowing much about cooking.'

Part of me thinks they take the art out of cooking...
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Yeah... I've used them, alot, since the mid '80's.

Its not a robot. It roasts, it steams, it can control the humidity inside the cabinet etc. etc. It is very well made and very clean.

That being said it is just a piece of equipment, it can't cut, tie, and sear a roast, but it can roast with a minimal amount of weight loss/shrinkage.

Where these ovens really shine, where they earn you money, is with rethermalization: You load in a rack of cold, dressed plates--say a cooked salmon filet, rice,and veg. You press the button, and ten minutes later you pull out a rack of piping hot dinners. Perfectly heated, no water puddles or stains, no dry spots, no cold spots, perfect.

If you have several ovens, and use the optional storage blanket for the rack, you can pump out hundreds of plates for banquets like clockwork. You still have to dress the plates, but you can do this cold, and up to 8hrs prior to the event. You don't need as much kitchen staff for this style of banqueting, but you still need skilled staff. I was doing rhis back in the late 90's
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Foodpump, thanks! That's just the kind of clear, rational (!) explanation I was hoping for. 

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