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Hello, I recently ordered some curing salt, or pink salt from my butcher. He assured me it was for curing but after reading a bit online, I discovered that there two different curing salts, #1 and #2. One is nitrite and the other nitrate.

My question is, how can i find out what type of curing salt it is? My butcher and his provider both call it and know it by the name Curing Salt and they seemed lost when I mentioned curing salt #1 and #2. 

Many thanks!
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I believe so. That's why I suggested you verify with the butcher. From that description it could be #2.
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Get a good gram scale for weighing it out! Using to much curing salt can and will make you ill!
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      I use both Prague #1 and Prague #2...both are pink in color!  With this...don't assume on interpreting a shade of a color pink.  They really should have made #1 pink and #2 orange...or something completely different as they aren't interchangeable.  If your butcher mentioned it's for's gotta be #2.  But still don't assume with these two

     If you don't know 100%, throw it away! 
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