Curing bacon - brine recipe


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Anyone have a good wet/ brine recipe for curing bacon? There's plenty to be found online, but I'd rather hear from experience if it's out there. To date I've done a bunch 'o bellies using dry cures and have been happy with the results, but figure it's time to try a wet cure. I usually get 1/2 belly (skin off) at a time that come in at ~5lbs. Thanks for any insights.

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I’ve long ago converted to dry cure but:

5 quarts ice water
1-1/3 cup powdered dextrose
1/3 cup Instacure #1
1 lb salt.

Pump bellies 8% of dry weight. Stack and cure in brine 4 to 5 days. Drain, wash and dry. Then smoke.
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I, too, have pretty much gone exclusively to EQ dry cure. I've gotten more consistent results, brining seemed to give somewhat random degrees of saltiness.

I know Michael Ruhlman has a basic bacon brine recipe, and many who have tried it claim it is too salty.

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Rhulman was the first recipe I used, so salty it was inedible.
EQ dry is the way to go.


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Hmmm... Looks like I'll be sticking with dry curing as I've been doing. I've been playing with the recipe and will continue to do so. I'll also look into the EQ dry cure that has been mentioned. Thanks all for the input, appreciated...

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Just to add to what others have said about wet/dry brining....

You make your own, so you probably haven't cooked much American packaged bacon in a while. It's fascinating: you start them going, and they get really, really small... but there's almost no fat in the pan. It's all water! Then you try the same thing with a real bacon made properly, and you find that the rashers get a bit smaller, but not all that much, and the pan fills up with hot fat. The causes aren't quite the same--not all real bacon is done with a dry brine--but the difference in results is parallel. Go dry!
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