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Im having a little bit of a issue finding the cups per pound for the following seasonings if anybody could help me out i would appreciate it.

Cajun Seasoning
Crushed Red Pepper
Chili Powder
Fancy Paprika

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There aren't any. Volume and weight do not necessarily correlate.

The first three have no fixed  ratio of ingredients so that makes each brand different. And they're subject ot different moisture absorption. In my arid climate, a pound would be slightly more volume than in a humid climate. Add in packing and settling factors too.

Again, Fancy Paprika also has no fixed definition so you can't set a fixed weight per volume plus the moisture factors.
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Just an add-on to Phil's comments.

The last three, in any particular environment, should be close enough to each other to make no never mind, because their densities are pretty close. That is, if you weighed out a pound of, say, the chili powder, the other two would be close enough to make no never mind.

The Cajun Seasoning, on the other hand, always has salt as a major component, in addition to whatever else the manufacturer uses. And that can have a serious effect on the final weight.

Another consideration is how they are measured, as well as where and when. A cup that I scoop could have a radically different weight than one that you do. We see this often with flour, for instance, where several authorities give different conversion factors (flour is one of the few dry ingredients in which such conversions have been established).

Can I ask why you're looking for the conversions?
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Thanks for the help trying to get the conversions for my buddy hes trying to come out with a new product and the investor wants to get a good idea on how much spice in bulk we need to get.

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