Cupcake Recipe for Diabetics?

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Hi i was wondering if anyone know of any simple cupcake recipes for diabetics? my aunt was diagnosed late last year and her birthday is coming up next month and i want to bake her either a cake or cupcakes and seeing as she is a diabetic and now on insulin i have to be careful of what i make.

just a simple plain cupcake or chocolate cupcake(if thats even possible) recipe would be great i really want to do something special for her.

also is there any diabetic friendly icings i could do? considering 99% of them seem to be made of sugar :p

thanks for your time 
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Thanks for the info Cooksandlay /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif

yeah its a little daunting with the medical aspect of the idea, mum thinks i should just do normal cupcakes and leave it to her (my aunt) to ration it in regards to her specific intake directions (mum thinks she'll end up eating a normal one anyways as she doesn't really listen to bigwigs much haha)

i'll ask my aunt about what type of things she can have etc but im expecting a "just make normal bl**dy ones" from her ^_^;; 

my main idea is to make them with chocolate buttercream and a pink buttercream pig on top (depending on if buttercream can be used which im thinking may not be good for her >.< ) but i might see if i can use food colouring with whipped cream and see if i can substitute that instead 

so complicated trying to do nice things for people :p

P.S wow this post sounds mean >.<  
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Choose a cake batter that calls for a nut flour, like almond flour and You could use a frosting that is predominantly cream cheese and sweeten it with Splenda or Stevia (Truvia)
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I had to bake a wedding cake for my sister who was diabetic (I said 'was' because she's deceased now). I didn't know what kind she would be able to eat, so I called the National Diabetic Association. They told me that the safest cake for diabetics was Angel Food (you can add cocoa to it, but it would require more sugar). They also suggested whipped cream (either flavored or plain) for the frosting. You can add a little sugar if you like. 
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I'm diabetic.

You can convert any recipe with sugar substitutes.  Remember that 1 teaspoon of stevia has the sweetness of 1 cup of sugar, and can have some bitterness.  I like a blend of stevia and xylitol, which you can buy at health food and organic stores.  Xylitol is cup for cup with sugar.

Personally, my favorite is a cheesecake.  You can use reduced or lowfat cream cheese, gussy it up with unsweetened coconut if you like, and it doesn't need frosting.  I have toasted unsweetened coconut and then drizzled with agave nectar for something special.

Lightly sweetened sour cream is always delish.
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