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hello forum, I am a cake decorator, have been for many years, I use both scratch and  box mixes from time to time, depending on the cake,    I am discusted with all the box mix manufactures, they have changed there formulas so bad, that my conversions do  not work,, so I want to go completely scratch,, my questions is, i have found some new cupcake recipes, That i want to convert to cake recipes, sturdy enough  to hold  fondant and to stack for wedding cake, but still moist.  how can i do that with a cupcake recipe, is there something i can add, like pudding/ and how much etc. Thanks for any help,  [email protected]
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I don't really understand why there is a difference, and why there has to be separate recipes for cakes and cupcakes.
All my recipes for cakes make cupcakes. No problems at all.
So, I'm not sure why a cupcake recipe would need to be modified. I know some people feel that there is a difference, but I've never found that to be the case.
I would just bake the cupcake recipe in a cake pan and see what happens. I'm not a mix user so I can't give you any info related to that.
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Have seen these sort of discussions on dedicated baking sites.

Crazy ... if those posters were face to face I think it could turn violent /img/vbsmilies/smilies/eek.gif.

You may be able to find a outlier but IME cake and cupcake batters are interchangeable.

Same ingredients same mixing techniques same oven temp.

Sure the times may be different (and you will need more batter for the larger cake pans) but other than that no difference.

As for the stacking...just a matter of even distribution of weight with adequate I am sure you already know.

If you are having trouble with your fondant it may just be a matter of thickness.

My go to brand can be rolled to a 1/8 in and sort of becomes one with the crumb coat.

Pretty tasty as well.

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I agree that the only difference between a cake and a cupcake is time in the oven. It's the same as a quick bread and a muffin.

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I beg to differ. As a long time baker (professionally) and also a wedding cake baker, I must strongly disagree.
I make muffins and cupcakes all the time. I find that as for muffins, they are not forgiving. 1 tablespoon a flour extra can make the difference between moist and dry. Over mixing, and oven temperature are also very important.

As for cakes vs, cupcakes, I must agree that the difference is timing. It's tricky to get that cake or cupcake "just done" without it falling after removing from the oven.
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