Cult Sandwich from Seattle's Paseo, and question on some French deli

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I understand Paseo has a roast pork sandwich, a Cuban of sorts, that folks line up around the block for.  I suppose the secret is in the marinade used for the roast pork shoulder.

Anyone ever try this one and have an idea what was in the marinade, or whatever sauce they used?

And another thing.  When in France last year I kept on running into this wonderful smoked ham.  It was served on everything from salads to sandwiches to pizza.  Fatty stuff it was always thin sliced and served warm enough to be dripping fat.  Unfortunately I never asked for a name.  Anyone know what in particular this is?

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I would guess the marinade is a mojo. I would post a recipe but I am on vacation and my recipes are at home. An internet search for Cuban sour orange mojo marinade should yield countless variations.
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They're pretty good, I think it's your standard citris braised cuban style pork. Aioli, sauteed onions, maybe romaine. Good, but a real gut bomb. Like eat the sandwich, hope you have time for a nap.
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Ah sour orange (also called bitter orange?), I believe that was also a main ingredient in a banana leaf roasted pork I had of SA origin, along with anato, anise and a few slices onion.  Thanks cheflayne, gee it seems just a few months ago you were somewhere down south on vacation, but it could have been a year by now.

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