culinary student needs help identifing french term

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after a bit of Googling, it's probably Fond Brun.or Brown Stock. also called  Estouffade.  After reading the info on Fond Brun, your question seems to be a bit incomplete, it's just a small part of the process. 
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Fond brun means brown stock. I'm not aware of a term for roasted tomatoes and bones... although as Gunnar said they could be the initial step in making brown stock (although probably more like roasting bones with tomato paste on them).
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Anytime you brown tomato paste on something or mix browned paste with something it's a pincage.   Some people coat the semi-roasted stock bones with paste; then continue cooking them as a way of getting a little structure, sweetness and color in their stock. 

The roux-pincage in an espagnole is not only a little different it's made long after the bones are out of the equation.

Our student may already have left us. 

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BDL I have seen bones paint brushed with tomato paste but not just tomatoes and bones
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