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Hello to all.
I have been searching for culinary schools. From this group i came to know that hrc academy bulgaria is good and affordable.

Now can anyone pls guide me that can i do part time job in bulgaria to bear my expenses? Secondly will i get a good job after completing this diploma?

Thanks & regards
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I don't want you to take what I say for gold because everyone is so very different.  I am 22 years old I have been cooking in kitchens for about 4 years.  What I have seen in the kitchens is a bit of regret from students that went to culinary school it helped them get in the door but they are no farther than I who just kept bouncing around kitchens for experience.  4 years and I don't have student loans and I am not behind at all and if somewhat more ahead the skill level of most that went threw culinary school that i know. 

If you are passionate to learn on your own question everything jump around some busy kitchens. You will learn :).

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