Culinary Schools vs 4 Year Universitites?

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Greetings everyone, let me start of by saying that I'm currently a senior and school is almost over and I don't know whether or not to attend a community college and do the regular transfer to a 4 year university after the first 2 years or should I go straight to a culinary school?  The culinary school that I had in mind was The Culinary Institute of America, but I don't know if it'd be worth it when it comes to a career.  I've done research and there are a lot of pros and cons of culinary schools and 4 year colleges.  I don't know what employers would want, but I've read that employers would choose candidates who have several degrees in their background over experience, and there were other articles that spoke the other way around.  I know what I really want to do with my life, I know that I have a passion for cooking, it's just that I don't really know the steps that I would have to take in order to learn and develop further in this field.  I'm also the first to go to college in my family and I really don't have anyone to speak with about this.
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Hello, I do not have a ton of experience in this part of the industry. I can tell you that if you want to work in a kitchen that you would be better off working for a year in a kitchen before you decide that you would like to spend 40k+ and then find out that it is not for you. Here in Seattle the community college has a great culinary program that would also give you time to have a part-time job in a kitchen as you are going to school. 

Here is a book that I would recommend you read to see what it is really like to work as a chef. 

Here is a book written by someone that went to CIA. 

This is where I would start my research into the industry. This might help guide you to finding your own answers. 

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