Culinary Schools for Vegan cuisine?

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What would be the best choice, preferably in Europe, if you want to learn only Vegan cuisine?
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sorry i still cant take vegan cuisine seriously

only thing that comes close is indian vegetarian food..everything else in nonsense
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boRoot-  You are putting the cart before the horse. I'll ask first why you want to learn only vegan cuisine. Are you hoping to work in a 

restaurant or hotel kitchen? Are you simply interested in learning vegan cuisine for its own sake?  
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Thank you all for your reply. I am already working in a vegan restaurant, and I am also a vegan myself for last 7-8 years. I just want to learn to cook vegan cousine on a higher level, and expand my general kitchen knowledge, as I am not a professionaly trained chef, but a photographer by default education. So I am looking for a culinary school which can offer me the most in that field.

Thank you in advance for all your answers!
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      I think you should write down for yourself what specific areas of the kitchen and/or cooking you want to learn about. 

Culinary school is very expensive. Any decent school will show you how to cook in a more general way so if you are not interested at all in

 learning how to cook with animal products in any form, you will most likely not enjoy it and feel you are wasting your time and money. 

      There are numerous resources available for learning whatever else you want to learn. Various cuisines are more vegan/vegetarian friendly than others. Professional kitchen behavior is mostly about developing self discipline in various areas. Ordering, scheduling and cost controls can be learned on the job with books to supplement your experience. 

     Based on your stated educational background as a photographer, I'll use an analogy. In my opinion, choosing to limit your cooking education to vegan only is the same as saying you only want to learn landscape photography. Landscapes may be your chosen subject matter but the principles of photography encompass so much more. The same is true with cooking. 

     If you really desire culinary school, pick one based on overall educational return. If you are only interested in vegan cuisine, save your money. 
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Here is a link to a school

I cannot necessarily vouch for the school, not really familiar enough with it to do so. However the chef (Matthew Kenney) whose name is on the school, is a different story. Matthew is the real deal. Definitely worth checking out.

*disclaimer* I accept no responsibility for due diligence...that is on you...or whoever might potentially be interested in the school :~)
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What would be the best choice, preferably in Europe, if you want to learn only Vegan cuisine?
My former neighbor went to a vegan cooking school in Napa area in California. I have a lot of vegan recipes and am self taught. You can do it too. There are many asian recipes that are vegan since many folk recipes are coming from crop farmers. My granolas are vegan. Nutritional yeast is used in vegan recipes and I get it at Sprouts and Whole Foods. Kudos to you for wanting to learn and grow as a professional.
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I am 100% with chefwriter on this. If you are going to get an education, you definitely must get a strong foundation before specializing. Even if its distasteful knowing how to do the processes properly will be be invaluable before adapting them into vegan cooking.

Vegan cooking didn't spring out of nowhere, its roots are all over the place. More knowledge will only make you better at what you do. I am talking out of my ass here and could easily be wrong, but i am very inclined to believe that getting good french cooking fundamentals in place will be miles better than other options. The style has gone through massive refinement through the years, not only as a way of cooking but also on how to teach others how to do it. Either way good luck.
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sorry but I can't help you in this question ,I think that in Europe you can learn from thei cuisine especialy the czech one
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Both the Indians and the Buddhist chinese have an excellent and varied vegan cuisine going back hundreds of years. I would consider these two before any European vegan cuisine, which really only developed in the last 20-30 years.
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