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    Whats up everyone my name is Kyle. I am attending the University of Central Florida where I am majoring in Business. I would like to go to culinary school after I graduate and I am pretty sure that Johnson & Wales, in Miami, is the place for me. I am having concerns about the Chef profession as far as the kind of life it lets you have. If anyone has an input I would much appriciate it.
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    Well the school is up to you, but there are also good schools today in Asia, with former executive chefs of five star hotels as teachers, which do offer one year programs. Studing in Asia has its advantages, as the Asian cuisine internationally gains more and more interest and being in Asia, you can see and learn the real stuff.

    The live of a chef well, that all depends you, what you make out of it. But you have to be aware, that when others work, we are off. When we work, other are off.

    We also work late hours, or if you are on the breakfast shift, be ready to go up by 4 AM. Well there are the so called sunny and rainy sides to be a chef. When you get married, better make sure your wife understands your business.

    However if you love to travel and see new places, trust, the perfect profession is to be a chef.

    In your case, you took up a business degree, that can always be an advantage for a career move into hotel or restaurant managment.

    well which you good luck