Culinary school vs community college culinary program

Discussion in 'Choosing A Culinary School' started by karmendoza, Jan 31, 2014.

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    Hi. I'm 18 years old and I am having trouble choosing a culinary school. I went to college for a semester, but didn't want to keep going without knowing what I actually wanted to do.

    So I've been debating for a few months whether I should go to culinary school or just try to learn without having to go to one, but I feel that having some sort of title plus experience really helps when trying to get a new job. The Executive Chef at my job told me that the best thing I could do was go to a community college with a culinary program and I would like some more opinions. Also, I was doing some research and I am slightly confused with the AAS vs a certificate. Which one is better?
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    That is similar to comparing apples to oranges, an Associate of Arts/Science is a degree on the way to a Bachelor, Master, PhD while a certificate simply specifies that you have attended a certain sequence of classes, generally not transferable to a degree program.

    Though both may cover the same culinary classes, the AA/AS will require additional classes in Math, English, Science, Social Science, generally know as General Education classes.

    Certificates generally apply to trades and trade-craft while degrees apply to professions.