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    i am 18 and a senior in high school considering a career path as a professional cook/chef. iv been working in the resturant bussiness for 2 years and have held various jobs in the kitchen, such as line cook , food runner, dishwasher. i am currently a line cook and have been for a year now, and i absolutly love what i do. i love the long hours and working weekends. i ve been looking at culinary schools . before i go to a school i will be getting an associates at a local cc in all the core classes that anyone will take at college. by the time im done with my associates degree i will have 2 more years under my belt as a line cook. ive looked at a couple of colleges mainly private . so far ive been intrested in le cordon bleu in chicago and paul smith in newc york. im not really sure what schools are good a which one is the right one. any suggestions would be great.

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    Johnson and Wales in Providence, RI and Culinary institute of America at Hyde Park, NY.