Culinary school or Apprenticeship??

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    Good day Chefs!

    Im 22 years old and i live in toronto. ive been thinking alot of what my culinary path would be.and would like to hear some advice to the people who were or who are currently working in this industry.

    ill explain a little bit of my backround ive been working with this industry now for just about three years. i did nt go to any culinary schools,i only had cooking at home experience,i was fresh on the boat being an immigrant in canada. and my friend from my first kitchen job in toronto hooked me up with the job that i currently have right now .i am proud to say that that i started at the bottom.from the dishwashing pit to prep to apps,salads,sushi,saute,grill and on towards becoming a saucier.i worked my way up with hardwork and dedication to the job.i love learning new ways on cooking techniques/mise en place techniques  and would love to learn more on different kinds of cuisines and just plain learn more about cooking!

    im currently employed in a booming fancy pub style restaurant it offers great career growth.and its a 300 seater restaurant. so high volume and fast paced job is very familiar to me.(including high male testosterone level on the line).its a fancy pub so most of our menu items are just burgers steaks pasta pizza and etc.but are they are really good tho.

    they offer apprenticeship,but the chefs in there are more in the business type of chef rather than the culinary aspect type of chef(as ive observed in the time working with them) and the apprenticeship is more on Do your own kind of way,just doing projects and present it to the chef kind of this how apprenticeship go?

    anyways i would like to ask chefs if i should go to a culinary school like George Brown College or Le Cordon Bleu ottawa?if so what type of degree or diploma or do an apprenticeship??im in a working class bracket so if i go to school i will need to take a loan or something.i work really hard and have passion on working and cooking,i dont know what to do!

    Thank you chefs in advance!
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    Why not both?