culinary school in the military?

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I was just talking to a fellow culinary student friend of mine who is about to graduate with his AS in culinary arts from the same school that i go to. he was telling me that his plans for the fall are to join the Coast Guard in NJ where he will go through boot camp and all that and then he will be continuing his culinary education, either going for his BA or his MS and he said the military would be footing the bill AND he would be getting paid for being in the military. He told me the Navy had a similar program, but he picked CG because they paid better.

I've never seen myself as one to join any branch of the military, but this just sounded like too good a deal to not look into. Unfortunately i've been unsuccessful in finding much info online. Anyone know where I might learn more? I'd really be interested to see what the Air Force offers since the academy is in CO and I'd love to go to school there, but I'm interested in hearing about the other branches as well. Any further knowledge, tips, etc. would be very appreciated, thanks so much! :)
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I'm NAVY. I loved it in the NAVY. NO, I was not in to learn cooking though. I think that if I were to do it all again, I'd do it in a split second. There are all kinds of good reasons. One thing though, and don't ever let anyone try to fool you. Military is military, trained and paid soldiers, protectors and defenders of the freedoms that we all take for granted. GI Joe. Soldiers of all kinds, whatever their jobs may be, may sometimes have to kill people. Please understand that and be willing to accept it. Other than that, it was the best times of my life. I saw the world, had almost anything I wanted or was able to get it, free medical, free room/board, free eats. Shoot, on top of that I got paid too. The NAVY is much cooler than the CG. And anywhere, outside of Cleveland or Detroit, is better than New Jersey. 

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