Culinary School in FL?

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I'd like to get feedback from pastry chefs, so I filed this thread here. Does anyone have experience with culinary schools in Florida? I'm moving to the Tampa area and am interested in taking commercial baking courses. I'm comfortable baking but want to master large batches. Hubby wants to hone his bread skills as well.

I've contacted one school and am awaiting a reply from them. Thought I'd look for some "real life" feedback while I'm waiting for them to respond.

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Ok, I'm not a pastry chef :)

But I grew up in my grandfathers bakeries!

Johnson and Wales has a great campus in Florida.

and I have heard good things about the Florida Culinary institute
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Your experience at your grandfather's elbow is at least as good, if not better, than learning the trade in a school! I learned how to make the best gnocchi ever watching an 86 y/o man with no teeth do it at my kitchen table drinking my mother's espresso (his only "request for payment").

J&W?? OMG!! I wonder how far it would be to drive... I'm going to contact them and do some more fact finding...thanks for the tip!


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