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    Im 26 years old and Im want to go to culinary school. I have no experience and thinking of volunteering @ a soup kitchen to get some, plus I want to get more involved in giving back to the community. I was looking into the The Culinary Institute of America A.S. Degree 21 months and The French Culinary Institute Diploma 6 months. I want to be a head chef one day and learn as much as possible from great chefs. I heard that you learn more through work then you do @ school. So I want to know is it necessary to get my A.S. or can I just get a diploma and move up the ranks with that? I want to become a sous chef in at least 4 to 5 years and a head chef in 5-7, does that sound about right? I would love to hear from people with industry experience.
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    you're more trainable and attractive to the industry with the less schooling you have to some degree. provided you're looking at the kitchen and not management, etc. the general consensus is go get some work experience before deciding to throw down/commit to hundreds of thousands of dollars on a degree that is only relevant to an occupation that is physically and mentally draining and tough.

    trying to figure out when you get to be head chef right now is a waste of your time, and a distraction. you need to first understand whether you really want to be in a kitchen for 60-80+ hours a week. once you've decided that you love it, then you might start putting your finger on what education makes sense.
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    Go back in this site and you will see 10,000 answers to your question.