culinary school for un-graduate professional chef

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Hi, I'm 26 and I've been working as a chef for almost 8 years.

I started work in a kitchen when I was 18 as a KP in Germany and built up my career, I came back in Italy (where I'm from) and after 5 years I became Chef de partie for Hilton hotel.

3 years ago i moved to London where I worked for one year in a 3 Rosette restaurant as a Demi chef and tried to built up my career  again, after 2 years in London I was a senior chef de partie in a famous fine dining restaurant in the city, but I wasn't feel complete so 1 year ago I decide to spend a year doing Pastry to increase my knowledge. 

I ended up not just working in Pastry but training young chef from college coming in my workplace for internship.

I'm very satisfy about what I've achieve till now, but I would like to improve my career, so I was thinking about moving to France next years and start a Culinary school. 

I'm looking for a one/two  years international culinary school that can give me a food&beverage management diploma.

The only problem is that i never finish school so I don't have a High school diploma and most of the school I found require that, the only one that seems don't need an High school diploma is Gastronomicom but I couldn't find any review and this is quiet strange.

so I was wondering: 

Anyone know any other Culinary academy offering this or a similar Diploma that does not require an High school diploma? 

any help will be very appreciate

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Hi Giomumi did you ever find anything out about Gastronomicom? I'm from Australia and looking into European intensive professional pastry courses. Any advice?


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