Culinary school for non-restaurant careers

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I love cooking, but really feel like my personality is better suited for non-restaurant work, such as working in a test kitchen or high-end food retail. Would I benefit from attending culinary school?


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I think culinary school might be more than you need. You might look into taking select classes like the  [product="26789"]Culinary Institute Of America Hyde Park​[/product]  has to offer. In all honesty I don't even know where you would start looking for a test kitchen job. My guess is you would have to start on the bottom rung and work your way up. 
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You best off getting into a food science/nutrition program. Test kitchen jobs involve the research & development of new & old products. These jobs are usually held by people with a food science background. If you have culinary experience as well, it definitely gives you a leg up
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