Culinary School Blues

Discussion in 'After Culinary School' started by loonetech, May 12, 2014.

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    I have 3 weeks left of my culinary classes. But I have to do a one month of externship, which comes out to be 180 hours.

    At this point now, I have lost interest in my culinary dream. My last class was a business class, which sucked. This last class I'm in is a ACF Competition class. I have no interest in competing. When it comes to food, I'm not a competitive person. I believe it takes the fun and art out of cooking. I hate guidelines, I like a free for all. I consider myself an abstract cook.

    And now that I have this externship coming up, I don't wanna be bogged down by crazy hours and ever changing schedules. I'm not like that. I have spent my past 13 years working a 9 to 5 job. I want to stay sane, have a life, go out with friends, go for road trips on weekends, and not build a life around pleasing some chef who is high above me. 

    I love to cook, just not someone else's dime.

    I don't know what to do?
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    I have absolutely no experience whatsoever with working in a kitchen yet, but assuming you're a smart guy, and you've worked in restaurants before, why not figure out some sort of business you could open up that involves your talent but allows you to work regular(ish) hours?
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    Get  out now !
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    Sounds like you're making several judgments about a vocation and the working conditions within

    that vocation based largely on your experiences in culinary school.

    Working in kitchens, the heat, the pressure, the thankless hours, the weekends and holidays isn't

    for everyone, but if you're passionate about the work, the end product, and proud of your skills

    and just generally in love with the industry, finding ways to sneak in components of a normal life

    here and there just sort of work themselves out.

    There are many chefs in here with decades of experience--while they may feel they'd do some things

    differently, I get the impression there are very few who feel they've had no life, except the job.
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    Hopefully you are just experiencing the mild depression that oft times accompanies adrenaline withdrawl.
    Face it... You have been bustin' ass and burning the candle at both ends for what seems like two life times and now that things are winding down and that (long term) goal is so close that you can literally see/taste/smell /touch it, the little voice in your head keeps repeating "that's it?......that's all?
    When I have trouble shakin' that monkey off'in my back I recognize it for what it is, confront it, eat frequent nourishing "mini meals", cut out all alcohol, get more sleep and usually feel better within a week or so.

    You would do well, at this point, to not make any hasty decisions re your future.
    Translate to read don't slam any doors so hard that it is impossible to get them open again.
    Just my two centavos.

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    I definitely get burnt out here and there, and honestly it never lasts for more then a week or so (usually a day or two but every person is different). Have you ever worked in the industry before? How do you know if you will like it or not? Yah it's a lot of hard work, but you don't have to work overtime if you don't want to. You can take your days of and do what you love to do outside of school. You can even find morning/day work. It's a lot harder to do but it can be done. Prep cooks often work earlier hours. My piece of advice is to at least try this career before getting so discouraged. For me working in a kitchen is very magical. Also, it helps me to get re-excited about my career by eating out at a new place, watching cooking shows, reading books, or even looking at material on the internet. I'm sure you have done this before but I use it a source for inspiration. Good luck!