Culinary resolutions for 2003

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O.k. None of the I'm gonna lose weight by July stuff, and I don't care if you get your garage cleaned out this year really. This is important. What are you wanting to do differently, or learn, or do, or stop doing in the kitchen this year? Me? Learn to write better recipes!
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Get proficient in doing large'll take practice, but there is a learning curve and I'm on the climbing side.
Whether it is as the caterer or the "one organizing it"

Find an assistant to pick up the slack of paperwork, trying to get to the point of being able to afford the help to generate more income. Since I do a variety of things and have on going projects communicating my needs is going to be pretty substantial endeaver. I tend to work well with self starters that stop me when I move too far too fast and say, HEY what do you need me to do.

Pull out my professional looking clothes and start wearing shtuff that is not totally comfortable cotton/birkenstocks....I'm trying hard not to fight this one...the grimace is not a positive way to start a change. I have great cooking outfits for stage/classes but need to be able to walk into board meetings with outside groups and hit them up for substantial funding...

Write more grants, this is already in production....

Start looking into buying an old bakery....St. Louis has a plethra of old German (mainly) bakeries from the 1900's that are being used for other shtuff.....offices, retail, empty.....anyway a friend of mine bought an old bakery building that has tile throughout the kitchen up the walls....with a really great funky oven that has little visability, it was coal fed (she doesn't use it) BUT she does have a catering kitchen and a front room used for Sunday Brunch.
She lives on the second floor and rents out offices and apts in the rest of the blding. She picked it up at a great price, got a historical funding <this is where I'm needing more info>situation and did some work but the majority of it had already been revamped by the last Non-cooking tenant. So, I wanna start doing the leg work to buy my own historical bakery....working out of another's kitchen is not grins and giggles, they do not maintain the same standards in equipment repair....etc.....
So, I need to visualize this endeaver and put it into a long term goal.
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I've been wanting to make Julia Child's Chicken Melon for the longest time... I even have the needle to sew it together. Making homemade charcuterie in general is on the list!

The other would to get better at making bread- all kinds.
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I'd like to know more about culinary formulas. For instance, to understand that one egg can "custard" one cup of cream, and use it for a basic quiche formula working upward from there, would be a valuable tool. (The one egg:eek:ne cup of cream ratio came from my school notes.)


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Didn't you know that? One egg is an oeuf. :D My culinary resolution this year is to learn how to make baby food.

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Mine is to read the half dozen books all you kind people have given me to read. I do miss a good book.;)
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I want to make more tasty dishes that are not loaded in fat.

Maybe grow my own herbs for a change.

And drink more tea!

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I would like to tighten up my writing skills, perhaps take some courses in creative writing and secure a new sideline for myself. Keep up my brain work and cooking skills that are rusting slightly and buy my first house with a decent enough kitchen and space that I can break out my old sugar tools and start my sugar work again, if not for money, at least for my own satisfaction. I miss my sugar lobsters! (that was my best ability!)
Oh yeah, and to win the lottery. Any lottery!
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I want to get my head out of the books and start applying this knowledge on a daily basis. I want to start cooking with a purpose everyday and not have food stacking in my freezer getting freezer burn by the time I get around to using it. My big time resolution is to have a well written business plan by the end of March to pursue my culinary aspirations.


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I’ve been thinking about this for days and can only come up with two resolutions:

Make apple strudel, dough and all.

Make Vietnamese soup and the traditional beef broth from a beef's tail.
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1. Be more disciplined about writing my cookbooks.

2. Sing while cooking.

3. Don't be afraid to spend all day making one dish.

4. Learn the recipes to four different mole sauces--by heart.

5. Find a good restaurant in Westchester County, NY.
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1. Try at least two things from each month's magazine I get (food ones, not cars), cancel the ones that I don't use.

2. Scan or otherwise organize the stack of torn out and copied recipes, articles, etc.

3. Read the copy Larousse Gastronomique I got for Christmas!
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My resolutions are:
1)To improve my writing skills, as some people i work with think i write in code.
2)Drink less coffee,i nearly have a drip in my arm!
3)Broaden my cookery skills,by experimenting with more Asian & African recipes.

I have one non-culinary resolution-try to improve my social life!!!
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Nice thread.

I want to improve my skills in sauces and soups. I want to be become a sauce expert! :)
I also want to learn how to convert typical greek recipes into low fat ones.
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1. To improve my knife skills (slice the food rather than myself) :D
2. To do more baking (am taking a savory tarts class at a local culinary school next week) :lips:
3. To commit myself to my writing
4. To harvest my veggies before the critters and bugs do
5. To not let work interfere with my writing, cooking, and gardening


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I like your ideas Phoebe. I too could gain from improving my knife skills.

Your cooking class sounds fun, hope you’ll share your knowledge with us.
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My culinary resolution is to finally realise that not eating chocoalte a maximum of 12 hours after you have bought/been given it does not mean that that the culinary police will come and arrest you.
I also want to make proper romescu sauce again (and find a good recipe).
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I just quit my job and probably won't have a real job until 2006. My priority this year is to travel and to read up..

1. Read my Asian cookery books. Write up a cheat sheet for all those basic chinese sauces.
2. Write a cheat sheet for all basic patisserie recipes based on egg or flour.
3. Travel to two countries this year (Canada and Phillippines)
4. Practice being okay with taking a break from work.
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less spice
less ingredients per dish...
typical self-taught mistakes i want to correct. one of the reasons i hang around you guys; to learn! :)
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