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You all know me well enough by now to know this is not an advertisement. James posted this info at the Kitchen Counsel and I know someone here might be of need at some point!


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Speaking of replacement parts--does anyone, anyone!!!! know where I can obtain the the bottoms for french, aluminum, fluted, removable-bottomed tart and quiche pans? I've called JB Prince, Bridge Kitchenware, Bowery Resaurant supply, Rowoco and a few others. I even called the manufacturer in France, but they said they only sell to brokers and could not sell me individual pieces.
What do I do? I've had some success with cutting aluminum disposable pie pans to size, then rolling them flat with a rolling pin; but, they are really too flimsy to work well.
Sisi, are you in France? Do you know?
Any leads would be greatly appreciated.
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I totally agree with Crudeau. Any metal worker/artisan will be able to accomadate your needs easily, quickly, and inexpensively. This would also be a good opportunity for vo-tech students, call your local school, metal shops. :)

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