culinary programs/community schools in east bay??

Joined Aug 13, 2015
so, i love to cook. at my last job i got to do quite a bit of cooking (currently i'm working front-of-house but that's neither here nor there) and i've always wanted a proper schooling in the arts - however, i feel very little desire to go to a super expensive, highly lauded school.

i'm thinking that a good program at a community college would be the way to go - does anyone have any thoughts on schools in the east bay? CA and OR are the only two states where i might be able to pass as a resident.

i would also be interested in doing my schooling cross-culturally, although from what i can tell the english-speaking options are pricey.

any feedback/questions/recommendations would be helpful. i'm a 29-year old single male with no kids, for what it's worth :)
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