Culinary program in DFW Texas area

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I am looking for some advice on finding a reputable culinary program in the DFW Texas area.  I am wondering how long a typical culinary program is and the cost.  I love to cook and I am hopeful that I can be a chef someday.  Thank you in advance for the advice.
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 If you live in the DFW area there is not a whole lot of advice to seek out. You can get an associates degree, certificate or diploma in Food and Hospitality right here at El Centro Community College in Dallas. Any of those programs are a very good launching pad into the industry.

The associates at El Centro is accredited by the American Culinary federation.The program is highly regarded not only in this area but nationally.

  I believe FSR magazine just ranked it near the top of the national list for the same programs.

I have been involved with their internship program. The students that I've had the privilege to mentor are well informed and educated about the industry.

  Similar schools without room and board like Escoffier, Lenotre, etc. will cost anywhere from 20-35,000.00+ for an AAS. El Centro is what?

60.00 a credit, maybe 700. a semester. 3500.-400.00 total. and El Centro is ranked right along side the others.

  Personally, for decades, when it comes to schooling, I would not hesitate to hire an El Centro graduate and would probably take them over any other schooling.

Just some info. Been around DFW, in the industry for 40+ yrs.

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