Culinary decisions after High school! Please read & help with your expierences& advice.

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    So sorry in advance if this is rambled or too many questions, it's just really hard to make decisions after high school and the time to do so is coming!

    First of all I had no idea even the slightest what I wanted to do after highschool my sophomore year I was even considering not going to college, you know how highschoolers are. I couldnt really cook and i didnt do much at home for various reasons But I ended up signing up for a technical school for my junior and senior year since i dont need many more credits and didnt fail anything so i signed up at the technical school for culinary arts! I had also looked at the programs of nursing or childhood development but this place caught my attention. It's at the green ladle in lewiston maine and it's fun, it's challenging, it's a great place with amazing instructors! Its also a restuarant so we learn waitressing, hosting, baking cooking u name it it's great! but I'm a senior and I need to decide what I want to do upon graduation from the green ladle and from my regular academics.

    I've finally decided I want to stick with culinary arts however (some people are trying to give me helpful advice saying it will take atleast 10 years to make anything of it, to be best, to establish myself in this field and that i may want to rethink and go for something like nursing)

    So first of all ^ that's not true right. What kind of jobs have any of you had after graduating from college? was the pay good? were they fun jobs? did they involve helping out people? What have you done since graduation, how long did it take, and where do you see yourself going in this career?

    I'm not sure what part of culinary I want to pursue as in , baking, cooking, catering, hospitality, nutrition or a dietician etc.

    What colleges are good, gave you the best education and you enjoyed your time there? Any other information you can help me with would be cool as well, I'm from Maine so anything nearby in new NewEngland and Canada I'm going to start doing college visits soon if there's any you suggest. Thanks! -Kerri :)