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Hello, I am currently a student at johnson and wales
university and am a contestant in a contest using australian sea bass.
I have been practing my recipe, however i was wondering if you could
give me some input or samples of ways to present my plate. I have a
fillet, rice, chutney, and a yogurt sauce.. could you give me a website
or pictures, or books to look at? advice..

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Adriella, what have you thought about already? With 4 elements, there are at least 24 different ways you can layer them -- not counting the ways you can lay them flat on the plate!

And what have you already looked at? Remember that just because the picture you see is of, say, sliced steak, mashed potatoes, salsa, and frizzled leeks, that doesn't mean it can't be adapted for your purpose.

Let us know what you've already thought about, and we can critique.

Good luck!
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One thought. One year a very prestigious cooking contest was won with a Sea Bass recipe. The plate was very clean, in fact as I remember all whites. Sea Bass with a light colored sauce, a slight nappe just off the side as I recall, fennel and tounee potatoes. I don't recall exactly but the as I said the plate was very clean!
So keep that in mind, don't go overboard keep it simple, let the food and favors shine.

These may help a little .
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