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hello I'm not sure if this is the section to post this but I'm very interested in doing some cooking competitions. i have looked at a few recipe competitions and looked at the ACF website as well but still want to see more. Is their any place i can look to do actual competitions where i go somewhere and prepare food. i have never done any but very interested in being part of the competition to gain experience and knowledge. Thank you
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Most of them have state- and national-level governing bodies. So you might try doing searches using specific cooking methods. For instance, "chile cookoffs" "barbecue competitions" "bake-offs" etc.

Some have elimination contests. That is, you might have to amass points at the local and state level in order to compete nationally. With others, such as the "Build A Better Hamburger" contest you first submit recipes.

Keep in mind, however, that the criteria used in contests may or may not reflect the kind of cooking you do at home.

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