Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland July 2017 Intake - New Culinary Student Seeking Advice

Discussion in 'General Culinary School Discussions' started by abk87n, Apr 15, 2017.

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  1. abk87n


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    Culinary Student
    Hi all,

    I am a prospective culinary/management student. I am set to join the Culinary Arts Academy for their Master in International Business in Culinary Management program. I am 30 years old Entrepreneur with mainly Steel Manufacturing and Construction experience so far. But I have long wanted to start an enterprise in the Food Industry Restaurants/Manufacturing etc. And therefore recently I have taken some time off from my current business (partners handling it) and am set to get educated/trained for the Industry.

    I understand that culinary school is no replacement for handwork in the industry of several years. But since I don't have the latter option really, I don't expect myself to be the Chef at my restaurant or the Master Baker at my Bakery, but instead mostly the Owner/Operator with necessary technical skills that make me more effective and efficient in running my business, I feel maybe just getting some exposure in a school may give me a better idea of how to enter the business, instead of relying on consultants or trial and error. I am very passionate about cooking and hope that over the years I can develop enough skills to be my own chef/owner, to be creative and design my own menus.

    Anyway, 3 reasons for this thread:

    1) I would really appreciate the advice of any of the experienced Chefs and or Restaurant/Culinary Establishment Owners on how someone in my situation can now spend my free time (about 2 months) and then what kind of market research I should be conducting before attending CAA in order to get the most out of this degree.

    2) I would also appreciate the advice of fellow Culinary Students who are currently attending or have already graduated on hoe to get the most out of my degree.

    3) Finally, If there are any fell students out there who have signed up for the July intake. It would be nice to get in touch with them.

    Thanks for your help.