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Hi everybody!

My name is Martin Salkeld.

I'm 27 years old and I've had a passion for cooking for almost 2 decades.
Considered going to culinary school on my early 20's but fear took over that decision and it never happened.

I love cuisine that revolves around seafood and my favorite food is peruvian food.

I come from a family of professional chefs, some of them very successful by their own merit.

What I like and respect about chefs is their burning desire to learn, improve, and innovate. Not to mention the long hours and stressful nature of their jobs which makes them perhaps the hardest working professionals out there.

These days I work full-time on my company, which some of you may know - EVERPRIDE - we create knife cases for chefs.

I'm looking forward to improve my culinary skills and to make networking connections with other chefs, and people involved in the culinary industry!
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Welcome Martin!

If you do have a question on food, loads of people here to share thoughts with!

Specific questions, get more specific answers!
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