Cuban Culinary Exchange???

Would you want to participate in a Cuban culinary exchange program?

  • Definitely yes! How do I apply?

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  • No, I'm too busy.

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  • No, this sounds silly. I'd rather get an internship or stage in a restaurant.

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  • No, I don't like Cuban food.

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  • Maybe... I'll tell you what my reservations are in the comments.

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Joined Feb 24, 2017
Hi everyone. What does the title of this thread evoke for you? I'm looking for feedback about this concept.

I'm hoping to hear, particularly from young chefs (younger than 30), as to the interest level in doing a short culinary exchange in both NYC and Cuba.

- Does this sound fun? Useful? Helpful to your career? 

- Does Cuban cuisine excite you? Or at least the prospect of going there to learn from Cuban chefs?

- Would you apply for this program if you knew it was all expenses paid? 

- Do you have the time to spend two weeks away from home/work/school to participate?

The idea is to pair up a small team of young chefs from the U.S. and Cuba for a chance to work together and learn side by side in kitchens in both countries. The chefs would get instruction from seasoned pros and chefs who run their own restaurants, maybe a class or two with a culinary school, and maybe even courses on the business side of how to manage a restaurant.

Has anyone done a short-term international exchange like this before? And if so, how did it go? What did you like, what didn't you like? I would love to hear from people who have done something similar to this in the past and what their experience was like.

Thanks in advance to anyone who responds! 
Joined Feb 18, 2009
it evokes thoughts of fried pork marinated in sour orange juice similar to haitian griot i believe, flan di pina, moros y christianos and ropa vieja the delicious beef stew, and lechon with yams and coffee that is fuerte, and a chance to learn some rumba or do some bata drumming, maybe. there is a lot i want to learn about the secrets of cuban cooking. do you have to speak spanish though, im guessing you probably do. if i was a chef i would be down.
Joined Feb 24, 2017
Thanks for your reply! All the dishes you mention sound really good. I'm glad that "Cuba plus cuisine" conjures up this positive imagery.

Also, I guess I should have been more careful with my terminology by using the term "chef". What I meant to imply was "young culinary professionals", at any stage in their career (whether cooks, formally trained or not), but with an interest in improving their craft.
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I think I am still young, but I am way out of your taget group.

I would have loved doing something like that. Sounds good to me!

(didn't fill in the survey ...)

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