CTH Level 2 Award in Culinary Skills from Ashburton (UK)

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    Hello there!

    CTH Level 2 Award in Culinary Skills is a 6 week course that I am looking to take to qualify me to become a chef. I''ve only ever cooked at home but I'm pretty good for this standard. I'm looking to take it further as I don't have any sort of career and cooking is one thing I've enjoyed since being a child (26 now)

    This is certainly the quickest way to get started and Ashburton have said this to me in a e-mail (copy and paste)

    "After a 6 week course you will be able to work at entry level in a high-level professional kitchen , how hard you work will determine how quickly you move through the ranks.  

    I am sure, that if you work hard, practice and are prepared to work your way up, you will have no problems at all launching a new and successful career in catering"

    I'm not looking for a high profile kitchen just yet, but some where I can cut my teeth so to speak after I finish the course. Do you think this is a good way to start?

    Have you taken this course?

    As a Chef would you employ someone with this qualification as say a Commis Chef? maybe higher just out of interest, though I would prefer to start from the bottom.

    I was very close to joining Broadstairs Catering School last September I even brought the equipment but I didn't want to do 2-3 years learning at my age with a minimum wage job I hated.

    I'd really appreciate any thoughts you may have.