Crusting Buttercream Frosting

Joined Feb 22, 2016
I have tired many crusting buttercream recipes & i always end up with the same problem..

After frosting the cake somewhat close to my liking. ill wait for about 15 mins so that i can smooth the buttercream on the cake (here is where the problem comes in). Before smoothing the buttercream on the cake, the frosting is stiff & crusted just like i want it. However... after smoothing the buttercream to complete the finishing touches (via the viva paper towel method). The frosting doesn't crust again. I let the cake sit without a cover for an additional 15 mins or so & it will not crust as it did "before" smoothing the frosting. What am i doing wrong here? Or what can i do different to fix this problem?

My goal is to have a some what professional looking cake with buttercream frosting that crusts. Thanks in advance.
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