Crusted Lamb chops

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I am looking for a killer custed lamb chops recipe. I seem a lot of them on line. Does anybody have a kickass recipe?
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i dont know depends on what you want  you can crush some pistachios and put in bread crums, or just put some herbs in bread crubs and sear it maybe brush with some mustard. or my favorite just salt and pepper grilled. a good sauce would be a lamb sauce, maybe use the trimmings to make a sauce then finish it with some rosmerry compound butter or a nice gastrique with red wine. or you could pan sear and deglaze the pan and make sauce like that.
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Lamb chops have a lot of sweetness and fat.  This means that flavours that cut through that, work best.

I have found that by making my own bread crumbs, with harissa, lemon thyme, parsley & garlic, I can have the bread crumbs take on a reddish color from the harissa, and speckled with green from the herbs.  The heat from the harissa, and citrus from the herbs works well with the lamb cutlet.
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