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I've been having trouble with my pecan bars, and I'm hoping someone can assist me in solving this problem.

I currently make my pecan bars with a shortbread crust. I use a nonstick spray on the pan, but when removing the bars (before cutting), I've noticed that the bottom of the crust has little holes or divots randomly in it. The holes in the crust aren't because the crust is sticking to the pan - there is no residual crust on the pan after removing the pecan bars - it's almost as if there are air  bubbles causing the crust to collapse inwards during baking. I'm also getting a little bit of a "bleed through" randomly on the crust that is causing a sort of discoloration from golden to dark brown.

Because I sell my dessert bars at farmer's markets, it's important to me that I solve this issue, but I'm not sure what my options are. Is this something a dough sheeter could fix? Something else? Any ideas/advice would be greatly appreciated!
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Yes, those are air bubbles. Next time line your

pan with parchment/silicone paper, NOT wax paper. Do your pastry as per normal, then "dock" it by pricking it all over with the tines of a small fork.

Hope this helps
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Is it possible that you are not incorporating your butter fully and are getting pockets of butter melting out, then the filling is sinking through? 

Just a thought. I'm not really a baker but I'm intrigued. 

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