Crunchy choc chip cookies

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My sister states that to achieve chruchy/crumbly CC cookies, only brown sugar should be used. She's using a package mix but I'm wondering does this hold across the many recipes for CC cookies. Brown sugar = crunch/crumbly cookies?
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As far as I'm aware, its normally the opposite- crunchiness comes from the crystallized sugars- Brown sugar (which is white sugar with mollases mixed in) usually retains moisture better, and gives you a very soft, chewie cookie (just how i like em!). Use castor sugar for crunchy cookies.
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Chris is correct. the white sugar vs brown sugar ratio changes the cookies crisp comes from white while soft comes from brown.

I personally use 1/4 white 3/4 brown because I prefer soft cookies. If you want crispy go all white or 3/4 white 1/4 brown.

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