Crumbling cookies

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Hi. I'm having a problem with a cookie I've made for years. It is a variation of a Florentine and similiar to the lacy cookies that are formed around a handle into a tube.
The ingredients-butter, sugar, heavy cream, ground almonds and a small amt. of flour are cooked on the stove, and the batter dropped on the cookie sheet. They are very crsip and somewhat fragile, but this year the cookies are crumbling, and I can't figure out why. They are supposed to be coated w/ chocolate, but there's no way these can be done without crumbling. Can anyone help me figure out what's going on?
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Have you changed the flour or butter?

Butter contains varying degrees of water which melts and will dilute your cookies.

Flour; perhaps this version of "all-purpose" has a very different protein content to your previous version.

In crispy cookies, one of the most important thing is sugar; white castor would be the best thing for this recipe. Perhaps your using granulated which is not being melted properly.

Hope that casts some light on something.
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Thanks for taking the time to reply. I think you're right; it must be the ingredients. I used a big box store's brand of butter and flour, which I normally don't do. I have to make another batch-these are the cookies everyone wants-so I'll try using different brands and see if there's any difference.
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I agree with CL. Use a good brand name butter. My current fave brand is Challange. Unless I don't have a coupon...then I use Land'O Lakes.

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