Cruise ships?

Discussion in 'Professional Catering' started by commischris, Jun 24, 2013.

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    Hi there, Im wondering if anyone could give me some insight into cruise ship catering.

    Im a 20 year old chap who has moved to london working in a solid hotel but having some money issues. ive seen cruise ships are a good way to stay involved in cooking yet get myself out of the red.

    I'm curious where is the best play to look for a commis position, any specific sites (only seem to find snr cdp/above positions on most sites.)

    what are the hours like, Just the usual 15-17 hours?

    Is it a 7 days a week or do you get days off? 

    If anyone else has any more information about this area of the trade that would be stunning if you could share it with me!

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    Please update on your travels. I've always wondered what that would be like. My only experience with a ship's galley was 30+ days on a merchant marine ship from Saudi to Texas. In that arrangement, just one cook and one rotating crew ran the galley for the 14 crew plus our 12 man team (26 total personnel). I'm sure a cruise line has an impressive number of staff, storage, equipment, etc...
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    Never worked the cruise lines, but my sister did--for 8 years on one of the major, big-boy lines.

    According to her it's a 3 mth contract, 12 hr shifts per day, 7 days straight--no days off.  Rotating shift at ports of call, so you don't always get 4 hrs off to see the sights.

    Pay is according to where you were hired.  A cook hired in Norway and a cook hired in India can have identical jobs, but the guy hired in Norway will get paid 3 or 4 times as much as the guy from India.  Oh, and you sleep 4 to a cabin...........