cruise ships.. opinions needed

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hey all. afer i graduate, i am thinking of working on a cruise ship. i know a little about them but i would like to hear ore opinions or facts about working on the ships.

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My brother signed on as a sous chef on Holland America some years ago. He was not at all happy. He reported a lot of the other males in the kitchen were bothering him... made him very uncomfortable. Ultimately, he jumped ship. This was a long time ago, though. He also said the work was more like a factory than a kitchen.
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I'd guess that employee turnover on cruise ships is very high. Too much time away from home. tight space, not enough freedom.
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I don't know dued I have heard nothing but horror stories from guys I have known who have done it. Packed like rats in a cabin 18 hour days seven days a week no time off the ship I think there is better options out there like a hotel that would do the same for you.
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I have a fear of being stuck on a boat full of people I didn't like which keeps me from booking cruises as a vacation option much less having to work. One of the waiters who is going to cooking school thought it would be neat to work on a cruise ship during his internship. I had him think very clearly about that one.
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Well, if its true that cooking on a cruise ship lets you see exciting places and meet exciting people, what could it hurt to do it for a while?

On the other hand, if its true that you spend shore time doing prep and work around the clock, you might have more fun where you actually get to go home at night.

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Ships can be a good experience for a while. You can stack up a lot of cash because you get paid good and you are getting room and board. You also work 4 months and get 2 months off.

Check out the Disney cruise lines. Good conditions.
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