Crispy chicken skin

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Opinions wanted. I do a fish dish which is partly seasoned with crispy, powdered chicken skin. I've just been sent a huge pack of chicken skin by my butcher which I'm keen not to waste. How would you keep it? Cook the lot and store (if so how) or freeze and make as needed? Thankd
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I think freezing and making as needed would probably be best. However, since you say you turn it into powder, I think if you could portion the powder in airtight pouches and freeze, that should work too and require less effort. Good luck.
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The answer to that question depends on how much chicken skin you've been sent and how much volume you go through over a given period of time.

If you are doing commercial volumes and will use the skin within a 0-4 days, the best solution IMO would be to salt the skin and store it in the cooler in vacuum sealed bags or at the least, good air tight bags. The salt will remove excess moisture and as such, will help make a better powder. The salt will also stifle bacteria growth and extend the shelf life a wee bit. Simply rinse the excess salt beforehand and dry thoroughly.

However, if you are talking storage longer than a few days, simply freeze in vacuum sealed or good airtight pouches as planethoff planethoff suggested and use as needed.

Good luck. :)
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