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 The first may come out wrong, but you are not alone. Use a good pan and use pan spray(Pam) and the correct temp for pan .Only cook on 1 side. Good Luck
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not hard i might have a recipe for you, but its best to make it a day before and leave it in the fridge. above poster is right 1st time it doesnt come out right but keep trying and you will find your rhythm. i cook both side but the other side doesnt get cook as long.

edit: found it 2c flour, 6T sugar, pinch of salt 6 eggs, 1c milk and a cup of cream, and rum or cognac to taste. made this one for a crepe off we had in class one day
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Crepes are good, and first time you might mess up, you might not. Just make sure to add enough butter to make sure that they don't stick, and so you can move them around easily, just don't add to much so that they're covered in butter.
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my mom is huge crepe fan, i love em too but she found a recipe that's just right for two people. It makes like 4 crepes each if your feeling that greedy. Give me a bit o'time and I'll post it. I do suggest finding a CHEAP crepe pan, check the goodwill. i say this cause they are usually specially shaped to make grabbing the edges easier. Otherwise a wide flat bottom pan will do the job.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner you will never be without a "wow" dish if you get these mastered.

Like as said above, the first few will stick and tear or be too thick or lopsided or burn, but then it's like a bicycle. After falling and flailing a few times in a couple of days your riding with no hands and trying to make jumps, such is a crepe.

here's that recipe:

1 Cup flour
2 eggs
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup water
1/4 tspn salt
2 tabs butter (tbls) or olive oil

add dry, add wet, stir still nice and smooth with a  whisk, use a little more water as needed if needed. in a hot, greased or buttered, flat pan use a small (1-2oz) ladle and pour on batter then with a roll of the wrist make into a flat pancake. It will develop steam holes quickly and (here comes the tricky part) as soon as the last one is formed wait one second* and pull it off the pan. Fill with jams or seared tuna and a white sauce with fresh herbs.It's a crepe,  it's what we did before sandwiches. I think./img/vbsmilies/smilies/biggrin.gif

*a second in this instance may be less or more then an actual second. It's a personal judgement of time and the look of the backside of a crepe with a dash of foresight and luck after a few failed attempts. have fun.
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