Crepe Recipe for Crepe Machine

Joined Mar 9, 2010
Hi there, I was actually got new here and I'm putting a creperie business here in the Philippines and I was wondering if you have some recipe that you would like to share that can be cook in crepe machine coz a lot of recipe that i check on the internet mostly recipes for pan or skillet, I tried to used that recipe but when i tried to cook it on machine its disaster  : ), i just dont know whether theres a different recipes for the skillet type of crepe or for the crepe cooked in crepe machine.

Thanks, I'll appreaciate any inputs
Joined Sep 5, 2008
There are no different recipes for crepe machines, you just use regular crepe batter. If you describe the type of disaster (too liquid? too thick? too bubbly? too many holes in your crepes?...) then many people here can help you adjust the recipe (or technique) you used.
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