Crepe gridlle is cracking

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Hi everyone,

I have started run a crepe business for a couple of months and I struggle with my electrical crepe gridlles. They are produced a local company in Turkey and they are teflon coated. They started cracking on their surface, it was be like a map, and then come off from edges. I decided to get rid of all of them. With my knife edge I remove all of them, it wasnt easy, under that it is a very clean good, smooth surface appear, oiled with vegatable oil and used, after a month, now, it start again cracking.

- How do I remove these bad surface easily (is it normal being like this?)
- How to keep surface smooth without cracking ?

Gridlles are made with cast iron and teflon coated (but I removed teflon coating)

We dont have abbrassive stone in Turkey, I tried pumicite stone but it wasnt worked, it is so soft, and crumbled.

Thanks in advance

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