Creole/Cajun-style dinner ideas

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Hi guys,

I'm a home cook and I need some help with ideas for a home-party menu. I need to cook a Creole/Cajun-style dinner for 8 people. Should be 3 course set menu - entrée/appetizes, main dish and desert so I need some ideas on the dishes. Also it will be only me cooking everything (my partner will help, but she doesn't cook much) so please take that into account - one man is doing everything.

Based on the tastes of guests I'd avoid gumbo and soups. Jambalaya on the other hand is awesome and I'm thinking about making it. But should I move it to entrée section and make something different as the main dish (like Cajun/Creole BBQ chicken) or it's ok to have jambalaya as the main dish?

What else I can do for entrée/appetizes?

For the desert I'm thinking about beignet, but will make them well in advance and cool them down. Or do you have better ideas for the desert?

Sorry for the stupid questions.
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Red Snapper with Pontchartrain Sauce would be fast and easy with the fish coming out of the oven nice and hot. The sauce could be made on the stove top and kept hot. BBQ shrimp is a great dish served with a crusty bread.
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App-Mirliton salad or stuffed mirliton. Or Fresh boiled crawfish or crawfish salad. Or Fried alligator.
Entree- Etouffe. Crawfish if not as appetizer, chicken or shrimp.
Dessert- New Orleans bread pudding with whiskey sauce.
Personally I wouldn't invite anyone who didn't like Gumbo or had any reservations about coming to a Cajun dinner. Reminds of the woman who asked me if the special of the day Jambalay was authentic. When I assured her it was she replied "Is it spicy?"
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Thanks a lot! Looks like snapper with Pontchartrain sauce is a perfect addition to the menu. Same as BBQ shrimp and New Orleans bread pudding with whiskey sauce. Exactly what I needed!

Sourcing alligator is tricky here in Australia. We do have crocodiles, but still very tricky to get them if you are not living far north in tropics. Same for mirliton - not widely available here.

Understand about not inviting people :) In fact they will eat pretty much anything, but I'm trying to be safe.
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