Creme de Menthe -- uses???

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I sometimes find Creme de menthe syrup hard to find in stores. I found some at a specialty market and now I have this enormous bottle. Any ideas? I added about 3 Tbsp. to some brownie batter and then added a creme filling atop the baked brownies (added another 3 Tbsp. to the filling) and then added a ganache layer on top. Fabu! I just need some other ideas!
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I used to use Creme de Menthe to make Loud Mouth Soup.

Loud Mouth Soup

Mix 3 Parts Remy Martin (or other VSOP cognac) with one part Creme de Menthe.
Serve over ice.

It always seemed like the thing to do at the time :)
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Is it liqueur or syrup?

You can use creme de menthe syrup to soak a peppermint cake, The liqueur, which is stronger in flavor, would be good in sorbet, buttercream, panna cotta, or whipped cream, as a garnish for a chocolate dessert.
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The best use for creme de menthe is for when you're really hurting after a big night out and need to get that BAL back up in a hurry, because it tastes just as good coming up as it did going down.
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Thanks for the ideas :)
Momoreg -- it is a syrup, not the liqueur. I like the idea of soaking a peppermint cake -- any more suggestions on that one?
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There are several ways you can approach this:

You can soak layers of a white or chocolate sponge cake, and fill it with a buttercream or whipped cream filling (vanilla, chocolate or peppermint).

You could do a twist on baba au rhum, filling the center with ice cream and crushed candy canes (This is good for Christmas time, but also a nice way to use up any candy canes you might have after the holiday).

Or you might try a pound cake, soaked in CDM syrup, served with a mocha sorbet.
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Thebighat, you are so right! CDM tastes like a medicine I often had to take as a little girl (Donnatol). It is a taste I cannot forget, nor ever imbibe again!!!! :eek:
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I find it makes a great shoe polish.
leaves your shoes Minty fresh!!!

Sorry....I hate the stuff :eek:
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Boy when I was an adolescent restaurants..Leather Bottle, high end steak places used to serve CDM on vanilla ice garnish....usually in a wine glass. Grasshoppers....
Grasshopper pie, Chiffon pie, how about a bombe...chocolate on the outside CDM on inside...either choc. cake and CDM mousse or ice cream or chocolate ice cream/sorbet and CDM ice cream middle.
Chocolate crust with CDM ice cream and chocolate bits, add fudge sauce....
I just bought Kahula for the first time in kahula and milk with the Sunday paper.
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Thanks Momoreg and Shroom for the ideas.
I haven't tasted it straight (eeeewww), so I haven't experienced the medicine-y taste. Plus, I don't drink alcohol -- so I don't use the liqueurs. I am always trying to find a sub for the raspberry, orange, and mint liqueurs . . .
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