Creme brulee variations

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I recently received a creme brulee torch, so it's time to break out the ramekins and make some creme brulee. While I love the classic vanilla, I'm always looking for ways to tweak recipes with something a little different. So I'm looking for some good creme brulee variations, and your thoughts on the variations I'm thinking of.

Here's what I have in mind.

Cinnamon (a la Crema Catalana)

Maple (and perhaps cayenne)

Walnut-brown sugar




Thoughts? Suggestions?
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It may sound a little odd, but I made a creme brulee bread and butter pudding, by putting far more custard than needed over the bread, so there's a layer above the bread when it's cooked.

i used dried, ready to eat apricots instead of raisins as they float to the top and as they caramelise, they're  alot nicer than burnt raisins.

The bread does havea tendancy to float to the the top too, so you have to push it down before the custard sets
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At my resort I believe that we have chocolate, green tea, passionfruit and probably some other flavors that I can't recall at the moment.
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I like a very traditional made creme brulée (also crema catalan) with no alien additions at all. Believe me, it's  difficult to make it perfect. In fact, when I eat out, if possible, I will always order creme brulée for dessert. I quote restaurants on basis of their capability to make an unforgettable creme brulée; thin crunchy layer of sugar, not too sugary custard, cooked through but still a bit wobbly, vanilla...
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