Creme brulee transport

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I'm transporting 36 ramekins of pre-made creme brulee but need to know the best way to store them for the transport in a two hour car ride. Do they need to be kept cool? If so how? Dry ice?
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Dry ice is costs money - regular ice packs should suffice.  Can you stack them in a cooler like a layer, cardboard then a layer?  Sometimes I think location should be mandatory for sign up to websites.  
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Thank you Mike9, I'm transporting creme brulee in Southern California. So ice on bottom of ice chest then layer the ramakins between cardboard should keep them cool enough for the two hour car ride? Now question two; once I arrive do I need to keep them cool until I burn the magical sugar toppng?
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Yes.. to both questions. But if using water ice be sure to keep the melt from invading your custard. Koko's suggestion for blue ice was a good one; please don't ignore that wisdom.
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