CREAMY SALMON PASTA - ideas needed

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Hi there,

I'm trying to come up with a really good version of pasta with salmon-and-cream sauce. That's the concept - pasta with salmon and cream in it. Otherwise, everything goes. So far it's only in my head but I would really like to know your ideas. So here's what I'm currently thinking:

The sauce:

1, The salmon must be either grilled or pan-seared (or any such dry-heat method for that matter) so that we get that nice contrast of crispy and tender/juicy. I will certainly rub it with a bit of salt an hour or so in advance, but I don't know if I should add anything else apart from salt. Certainly not pepper (see below), but maybe some ground fennel or something. But it will probably be too much.

2, I will use the salmon dripping as a base and add a bit of chopped shallot/spring onion/onion and crushed garlic. Olive oil here I guess.

3, White wine is a must, which I will reduce au sec. I might add a bit of lemon/lime zest at this stage, too. This is to brighten the sauce flavour-wise. If need be I might also add some juice at the very end.

4, Now comes the trickiest part. I am thinking something along the lines of beurre blanc. However, I worry about two things:

a) it will end up being too buttery

b) it won't emulsify properly, so some cream might be necessary (actually this might not be a bad thing at all).

On the other hand, if I add just cream and reduce it, the sauce might become too heavy - like reduced cream - and I don't want that. If I don't reduce the cream, the sauce won't have enough body. So might just try different things and compare the results.

5, Some herb I guess. I'm thinking chives.

The pasta:

Lemon-flavoured fettuccine? Or something from semolina like busiati? What do you think?


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Keep it simple and try not to over think it. Prepare the salmon, prepare the pasta, prepare the sauce and toss together. À little vodka, dill and creme fraiche can't hurt, but the seasoinings/herbs are up to you/your taste
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I would suggest, make the sauce ready and thicken it with cornflower, and just add it to the pan after you cooked everything you want to brown! And put fresh herbs in, like parsley, chives, dill! Why not use finely sliced Asparagus?
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What about making the pasta incorporated with some spinach or something else that's green into the noodles.
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sounds like a ravioli to me, big fat ones dressed in a caper vinaigrette with baby frisee and fish eggs, or quails egg.
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and for gods sake PLEASE DON'T use any freaking CORN FLOUR ! WTF !?!?!?
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for the corn flour thing...  flour and water (there is lots of water in cream) make glue and it is really easy for the sauce to become too gluggy and can cause problems when heating the sauce, especially corn flour. also it adds no flavor. personally I would thicken it with egg yolk as it adds smoothness and flavor (egg and salmon are great friends)
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