Creamy Cranberry Sauce?

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So CIA is doing the annual Top Turkey Recipe scholarship contest right now and i was wondering if i could get some peoples opinion on the sauce i was making. Which would be a Creamy Cranberry Sauce, made with the leftover cranberry sauce from thanksgiving.

1/2 C Leftover cranberry sauce.

1/2 C Heavy Cream.

1/2 C Cognac or Bourbon.

Mix the cranberry sauce with the alcohol. Reduce by half, add the cream, and reduce by half again.

Since everythings only been theorized so far, ( gonna play with it when i have time) i was wondering if anyone would have any ideas for how to make it...kind of like a creamy mushroom sauce. except with cranberries.

Thanks in advance

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Hi Jromers,

welcome to the forum. 

I'm not a chef but like to cook and eat.  So this is a layperson's opinion. 

The appeal of cranberry sauce for me is that it's tart and contrasts the heaviness of thanksgiving dinner.  You have the gravy of the turkey to be thick and creamy, usually squash and potatoes, that also add to that aspect, so it;s very appealing to have something sweet and slightly sour that's a relief to the thickness and heaviness of the rest of the dinner.  Soft thick flavors are contrasted by a sharp clear flavor.

I also have some trouble also imagining how you'll put them together, the cream and cranberries - will you leave whole cranberries dotting the cream sauce? or mash them all up and puree them into the cream? 

It's an interesting idea though. 

Hope this helps and good luck with the scholarship.  
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I don't think it goes. However if you like it ? Just be careful of between the acid in cran. sauce and alcohol in liquor that cream doesn't break or curdle.
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:/ that reAlly sucks... I didn't thinkthat the recipe wouldn't have any problems. Well that's why I posted here /img/vbsmilies/smilies//smile.gif I'm fruit to make a sauce that is thicker than the regular cranberry sauce made with the leftovers.
Thanks for the feedback
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